Friday, November 27, 2015


Unless you have been under a rock for the past 20 years, you know this restaurant.  You know the family that you see through the window.  You know the reason that family is eating their Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant rather than enjoying a feast in the comforts of their home. 
Remember?  This scene? 
[the Bumpus hounds break in the house and raid the kitchen]
Mr. Parker: Holy smokes, the turkey!
[the old man arrives too late to see that the dogs already devoured the turkey]
Mr. Parker: Oh, my... God! You sons of - !
[the dogs leave out the back door]
Mr. Parker: [shouts, high-pitched] SONS OF BITCHES! BUMPUSES!
Remember how that turkey looked on the tile of that 1960’s tile kitchen floor.  Those hounds picked that bird down to the bone.  Nothing left.  Nada. 
 Even the dark meat was consumed!!!!!
So, the point of this post?   That’s how our turkey looked after our Thanksgiving feast.  That’s right - nothing left but the carcass!!!  We stripped that bird down to the marrow, folks.!
Sweet, baby James had to work and came late for dinner - his plate looked like chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant.  He put his gravy in a bowl in the center of his plate and surrounded it with turkey strips - dunking away in front of the Blue Bloods marathon!!!!!!  Dee - licious.
But I can take absolutely zero credit for this wonder of a bird - it’s all from my cooking heroine - The Pioneer Woman.  Click here for the most fabulous brine recipe EVER!!!!!  And, yes, there is whiskey involved.  Some of the reasons I love to cook - whiskey, bacon, butter. It’s called FLAVOR! 
 There’s a slightly different version on the Food network website.  The one I used is the 3rd one - Enjoy!!!
 Print it.
Plan for it for Christmas.
Prepare it the day before serving.
I promise - you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!

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