Saturday, October 17, 2015

I'm Fine.

God bless the teacher who posted that picture above on Facebook.  It has kept me giggling for 24 hours now.  

We’ve been in school 10 weeks.  These 10 weeks have been beautiful when I’m in my classroom with the door shut.  Beautiful weeks of helping kids discover what Robert Louis Stevenson meant when he said “Here we shall meet and remember the past.”  Beautiful moments when a nonreader says they are enjoying Hounds of the Baskervilles and recently watched RDJ’s epic-failure movie, Sherlock Holmes. 

Beautiful until you leave the classroom and the students.  I haven’t blogged.  I haven’t written much.  I haven’t been an active participant in anything except planning lessons for my kids and loving on them.  That’s hard if you know my personality. 

I still absolutely LOVE teaching.  I know that.  I believe that.  I feel that.  It’s just getting kicked that makes you feel destroyed and damaged. 

Last night was homecoming at our high school.  I love going to see my babies all grown up - playing football, singing their hearts out, cheering with the crowd, dressing up in their finest to stroll across the 50 yard line and hoping for that crown - just being a teenager.  Little do they know how uplifting that is to my heavy heart. 

I had SIX - yes, I counted!!! - SIX students come up and tell me how much they miss middle school, how much they love/hate high school, and how much……….

wait for it…….

they use their interactive notebook they made in my class.  SIX kids said they still refer to it when they are reading and writing.


I have another reason to get up on Monday.  

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