Monday, March 2, 2015

Pinterest On a Snow Day!

School has been cancelled due to snow.
For a long time.
For a long, long time.
I’ve got time on my hands.
I clean closets.
I read.
I clean out drawers.
I clean out the refrigerator.
I mop the floor.
I read.
I shovel snow.
I cook.
I read.
I do laundry.
I read.

I Pinterest.

I love Pinterest.It’s the greatest escape.From looking at crafts that I’m never going to be talented enough to create to looking at the outfits that look PERFECT on that screen but would look stupid on ME.I love the sarcastic E-cards, the beautiful quotes with the majestic nature scenes in the background.I love the pictures of babies with knitted booties and hats.I love the rock-hard bodies that are links to blogs that will motivate you to eat healthy and work out (Yeah, that’s helping)

But what I really love is the Teacher Stuff!!!

So I stumbled across this cute little picture of a display wall and it was such a Smack-Me-In-The-Head-Why-Didn’t-I-Think-Of-That moment!!!!
It was so SIMPLE.
Drag out that pack of scrapbook paper that you are never going to use.
Whip out that Washi tape that you bought because it is just SOOOOO cool, and all the other teachers are using it for SOMETHING.
Dig in the laundry room to find some clothes pins that you never use because WHO HAS A CLOTHES LINE OUTSIDE ANYMORE EXCEPT MY DAD??????
Find the hot glue gun and you are in business!
And the best part is…………You won’t be needing THIS anymore.

No more changing out the paper on your bulletin board because it has more holes in it than Bonnie and Clyde’s getaway car.
No more deciding to use cute cloth on the bulletin board instead of paper - not the BEST idea.
No more jammed stapler that you TOTALLY blame your students for because they slam down on it too hard.
No more push pins.

You will totally meet the requirements of the Teacher Evaluation Rubric that requires you
Display student work 
- without any muss or fuss.

The neat and cute and totally trouble-free bulletin board.  I highly recommend it.

My recommendations:

·     The washi tape brand isn’t that great.
I prefer the Duct Tape brand - they have the same cute patterns and colors, and it sticks SOOOOOOO much better.
·     Staple along the edges of the paper - then the tape will cover the staples.

·     Glitter paper - although beautiful and blingy - makes a mess and tape is not glitter-friendly.However, I love the glitter board - I would do it again - just be warned.

·     Clothes pins alone look boring - Go to Michaels and buy some cute little do-dads to glue onto them.

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