Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are you a Book-Lovin Babe?

How much do you enjoy a good, hot cup of tea, a little something sweet, and a really, really, I MEAN REALLY good book?  That’s exactly what I enjoyed this afternoon.  A cup of green tea precisely steeped.  One package of sweet-n-low.  One teaspoon of honey.  One exceptionally delicious cupcake (maybe two - who’s counting?)  And a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Sound good? 

What if I told you that I enjoyed all that with 13 beautiful teenage girls who had their first book club meeting this afternoon? 

 Ladies and gentlemen……..presenting…………….

The Bibliophilic Bèbès of Surgoinsville Middle School

Meeting # 1.  First and foremost…….establish the ground rules.  My number ONE rule……don’t read ahead and spoil it for everyone!!!!  We proceeded to come up with other rules regarding attendance, relevant conversations, and the all-important - IF-YOU-SIGN-UP-TO-BRING-SNACKS-YOU-BETTER-SHOW-UP-THAT-DAY rule. 

Moving on.  I handed out little notebooks and instructed them to document anything and everything as they read.  Record their thoughts and come to the next meeting prepared to share.

Next up.  Assign readings for the next few weeks - working our way throughout the book so that during the last meeting before Christmas break we can watch Gregory Peck dazzle us as Atticus Finch, one of the greater men in literary history!!!!

Finally.  I gave a little background.  I read to them about Harper Lee and her infamous friendship with Truman Capote.  I shared some of the more shocking Jim Crow laws. We discussed banned books - what makes them banned - do you agree/disagree - what topics will be found in TKAM, etc. 

Then………let the reading begin.  Mrs. McConnell, our fearsome librarian, began Chapter One.  Before you know it, she had them hooked!!!!  We were so surprised to look up and realize 90 minutes had passed, and it was time to wash the teacups and push in our chairs.

More discussion ensued on the way out about a certain special guest possibly joining us next time - They yelled with excitement!!!!  We also discussed the literary blog I’m working on for them to discuss and share ideas with other book clubs.  They even asked about getting a t-shirt order SOON.  What a great time.  I’m so looking forward to hearing their comments at our next meeting, and I’m praying they will love this classic as much as I do. 

Until then………This Book-Lovin Babe is off to read.  See ya!!!!!

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