Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Mornings for Teachers........Peace and Tranquility

7:00 am on a Sunday morning.  Coffee hot.  Dogs are lazy.  Birds are chirping.  Sun is  coming up.  Peace and tranquility……

Unless you are a teacher.  I’m up early to grade book projects.  It was the first one in which students had to read a book, pick their favorite character, and interview the character. 

(At 8:00 am, I had a question for the seventh-grade language arts teacher - I texted her - Of course she is up as well!!!!!!!!!)

They have done an amazing job!!!  The best part of our whole reading journey that we 
began on August 4……………

Just look at this picture……it’s the line in my classroom to check out books!!!!!!!  YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

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