Sunday, July 6, 2014


This summer’s trip was to Sandusky, Ohio to an amusement park called Cedar Point.  It’s located on a 364 acre peninsula on Lake Erie.  All I can say is……….SPECTACULAR.  Just look at the pictures, and you can see for yourself the beauty of the surroundings.  This place is a hidden little treasure, and I highly recommend EVERYONE venture north.  The best part is that it’s not too crowded, not too big, not so commercial (Disney L)  That leads me to the bad part…….it’s almost too well-hidden.  You just don’t take an exit off the interstate and tell the kids, “We’re Here!!!!”  Nope.  GPS is required to find this place, but OH, HOW IT IS WORTH IT. 

Cedar Point is known as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” and boasts 17 roller coasters of the over 150 rides, shows, and attractions.  One of the greatest rides is the Top Thrill Dragster……which I have ridden (before back injury)…….and it will slam your head to the back of the seat and for 17 seconds, you are praying to live through it.  It takes you from 0mph to 120mph in less than 3 seconds!!!!!!     

James and Billy are in the picture on the front row of Top Thrill. 

The huge tower on the left of the picture is the SWINGS!!!!!!  You go to the top WHICH IS 301 FEET IN THE AIR and literally swing out over Lake Erie.  If ……..and only if…… can open your eyes, it is absolutely breathtaking.  Just look at the picture of the view in the center!!  That’s me and Jonathan in the Ferris Wheel!!!!   SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

The sections for the little ones (including a Snoopy and Charlie Brown park which is PERFECT!!!!)  are huge!!  There’s also a Water Park for a separate price, but WHO HAD TIME FOR THAT!!??!???!??  Billy and I walked the legs off of two teenagers and a six year old.  What a BLAST!!!!  Here’s the link - complete with videos to see what you are up against!!!    

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