Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Calling all Grandparents!

Everyone reaches an age (and their kids are of an age) when they start hearing things like…….

Being a grandparent is unbelievable
Having a grandchild is so much different than having a child
Having grandchildren is the thrill of a lifetime
You can’t imagine how wonderful it is to be a grandmother

I heard it all……I took it all in…….I smiled and said, “Oh, I can imagine it is!”…….I agreed……I concurred……I understood.

Until July 24 at 3:13 pm when I met this little man……….

Oh, my, how all of those comments and statements took on a new meaning.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my two boys FIERCLY!!!!!  They were my whole world as they were growing up, and they still are to this day even though they have left or are trying to leave my nest.  But watching your son have a son……….All I can say is


I’m now the “granny” which has a certain meaning and a distinct responsibility.  Being a parent means you have to do it all, provide it all, and have all the answers and resources.  Being a grandparent means one thing………


My dad reminded me of something that happened when Wayne, my son who has been a father for one whole week, called his granny and papaw.

Here’s an example of the job of a grandparent.  Wayne and I had a particularly “trying” day as a mother and a young child.  I have no idea what the problem was that day, but I predict it was trivial and minor on both our parts.  He was around 4 or 5 years old and already knew how to dial the phone to get in touch with granny and papaw.  On this challenging day, he took it upon his sweet little self to call my mom and state emphatically, “Granny, you need to come get me.  Mom is getting on my nerves.”

(People that know me just smiled very broadly and thought…….I can see that!!!)

The only time my father will consider breaking a law such as speed limits is when a grandson needs him, so they made the 15 minute trip to my house in about 7 minutes.  Keep in mind, I had no idea the phone call had been made.   My parents appear at the top of my stairway and before I can finish the question, “What are you doing here?”…………Here comes down the hallway my sweet little boy dragging a huge tote bag that he has packed with everything he could possible stuff in there.  It is heavy.  It is full.  He is dragging it down the hallway, past me, past my parents, and down the steps it went…..bouncing on each step…….and out the door.  He drug that bag to papaw’s truck and waited patiently to be loaded into the car seat to be whisked away by granny and papaw for some much needed time away from MOM. 

Guess what?????  Now I’m the granny!!!  I’m loving every minute of it!!! 

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