Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Facebook Casserole Challenge!!!!

 Faye Dolen shared a link on Facebook with the top picture above and a recipe.  Here's what the recipe stated:  

  1. Fantastic for ANY meal!!

    (Share so ya don't lose it)
    1 Can Flaky Grands
    Bag shredded cheddar 8 oz.
    Half cup milk
    Cubed ham or ground cooked sausage 1 cup cooked
    5 eggs
    Salt and pepper
    Add all ingredients and mix saving biscuits for last.

    Cut biscuits into fours and carefully mix in.
    Transfer to roomy casserole dish that has been oiled. Cook 25 at 350. You can't mess this up and it comes out looking JUST like picture. Serve for breakfast or dinner w small salad.
I felt challenged by the " comes out looking JUST like picture" statement, so here ya go.   "Roomy" means 9 X 13.  25 minutes means 35.  Just sayin.  Mine was made with Jimmy Dean hot sausage, not ham (Duh, you say!)  Almost every meal in this house is served with a side of bacon.  Don't judge.  The fresh fruit canceled out all calories.  

The resident Food Snob, aka Billy Hensley, and his coworkers at Dominion Power (who shared the leftovers this morning) would like the public to know that perfection of this dish would be achieved through the use of some really good warm maple syrup.  

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