Sunday, November 30, 2014


Have you jumped on the foldable bandwagon yet?  I tied myself to its backboard last year……..and got drug to the halfway point.  In other words, I learned a lot of what I needed to change for THIS YEAR~

Now, to this year.  I’m again learning what I need to change for next year, but it has been SOOOOOOOO much more successful this year.  One of the reasons is because I’m actually watching my students USING and REUSING and REUSING it.  They know they can……


on any work I give them (other than district tests) by using their NOTEBOOK. 

So, here’s the most important part.  When we are reading a brand spankin’ new informational text and learning all new stuff about this text, I always throw in a question from their notebook from THE FIRST WEEK OR TWO OF SCHOOL.  I’m not going to review it.  I’m not going to reteach it - I did that already, geez!!!!  Nope.  I’m telling them to turn to that Table of Contents, find it, relearn it, reread it, grasp it again, and give it back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in honor of my thankfulness during Thanksgiving weekend, I’m offering my current foldable for literary terms as a freebie.  It includes flashback, foreshadowing, irony, symbolism, mood, and tone.  Click here to get your free download. 

  Have a great year!!!!

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